Mary Helen Beatificato

Mary Helen Beatificato 1
My Passions
  • Representing the underdog
  • Running
  • Puzzle games
  • Boxing
Favorite Foods
  • Sushi
  • Been & cheese burritos
  • Salmon
Favorite TV Shows
  • House of Cards
  • Scandal
  • Madam Secretary
  • Law & Order

Mary Helen Beatificato

CEO, Corporate Counsel, & Co-Founder

Mary Helen Beatificato is the CEO and General Counsel of Nsight Psychology & Addiction.  She received AA’s in both paralegal studies and business administration prior to completing a BA in Political Science from Long Beach State University.  After earning these early degrees, she attended graduate school at Western State College of Law and received her Juris Doctor degree in 2002.

Mary Helen is an experienced lawyer and advocates for people who have been diagnosed with a mental illness and those who have substance abuse issues.  Prior to founding Nsight she worked in a firm whose clients included a 100 bed treatment center in Orange County, and represented clients in both state and federal courts.  In 2011 a treatment center had a vacancy at their CEO position and believed that Mary Helen, with her expertise and knowledge of the center and its clients, was a perfect candidate.  She had worked as the company’s outside counsel for more than three years and then ran the company as the CEO for another two.

She started Nsight Psychology & Addiction in 2013 and has continued to advocate for clients with mental health and substance abuse diagnoses.  Her passion as a lawyer and as CEO of Nsight is to advocate for the constitutional rights of those in recovery.  Specifically in the area of public housing.  When cities use zoning laws to discriminate against people recovering from substance abuse issues or tries to zone out treatment centers within their borders, she is happy to act as their representative.  Recently, she was called on to act as an expert witness in a New Jersey zoning case, and is special counsel in a case challenging the constitutionality of a San Clemente zoning ordinance.

Despite the importance of her work, she finds time every day to speak with patients about their legal needs and treatment goals.  She maintains an open door policy which extends to all patients and staff.  Mary Helen also appears as an advocate in court with clients when needed and works with their legal counsel to present treatment as an alternative to jail for low risk offenders.  Her focus is to help patients focus on recovery and not with legal problems that are external to the real issues facing them.

Mary Helen founded Nsight Psychology & Addiction because she is a passionate advocate for people in recovery.  She realizes that society stigmatizes anyone who has substance abuse issues and it is her goal to make sure that they have proper representation.  Her position as CEO allows her to help multiple people while they have a restful place to recover and her reward is knowing that Nsight is a safe place where people can come to expunge their past and start anew.